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Christian's Report, March 17, 2017

If you are waiting for the water to clear up before you are ready to start spring striper fishing you might get surprised and miss out on some of the very best striper fishing there is in the west delta.


There are stripers to be caught, there is no wind currently as of Friday and none expected this weekend. The San Joaquin River is mirror glass smooth, the water temperature depending on where you are fishing is any where from 58.59 – 60.1 – degrees at the old Antioch Boat Ramp to a warmer 58.5 – 61.6 –degrees in False River.


There are places out of the main channel where the water is starting to clear up quit nicely. Young Gary Mullen of Knightsen was fishing in Dutch Slough near the Jersey Island Bridge today (Friday) where Gary said the clarity was decent but the important that was he was catching fish both Black Bass and Stripers and the water temperature in Dutch Slough was reported to be 63 – degrees.


Gary reported catching about a dozen black bass and one striper to 12 – lbs. Gary was plugging for a tournament which is being held out of Big Break this Saturday.


George Wight of Antioch fished a couple of times this week first for sturgeon then stripers then blue gill.


George did ok the first part of the week catching a sturgeon. George did better catching a few stripers in the 18 – 22- inch range.


George didn’t do so well on the blue gill catching. The water in the harbor is warming up but the blue gill are not in yet. George feels the blue gill are waiting for the black bass to start spawning on the harbor and river levee banks and then as the black bass spawn the blue gill will come in and steel the eggs to eat and wait for the fingerlings to hatch so they can eat them as well. I had not heard that theory before but it kind of makes sense.


It appears that some of the black bass are getting in the pre-spawn mode to mean the black bass are staging in the mid of the water column not getting on the levee banks yet but are thinking about spawning.


Walt is starting to notice quit a few dark shadows (black bass) lingering in the shadows of the water just kind of hanging out.


I would guess that I will see those big dark shadows move onto the levee banks just about any time.


The big striper of the week came a week ago when a 40 – inch 24 – lb striper was caught in the tules above the barges on False River.


This time of year you can find stripers right out in front of our harbor on the sand bar when there is a fresh run of stripers in. The stripers will not stay there long but they may hold up for a day or two.


There are a lot of places to target stripers this time of year just because the stripers are coming up to spawn. Sherman Lake, out in front of our harbor, on the sand bar at Eddos, above the barges in the tules between the barges and the entrance to Three Mile Slough, Santa Clara Shoals and last but not least San Andreas Shoals.


Give it a try you will not be disappointed I promise.


Come out and enjoy the great dry warm weather and the even better spring fishing.


Breaking News as the TV folks would say. George Wight just came into the harbor with a 8 – lb black bass with a very full belly so fishing is picking up.


See you on the water Delta Chris


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